A chronological outline of my work in the music industry.

2016 to Present - Paris Burns Productions - Production Artist

Production artist for a music synchronization collective where I create tracks for television and film. My music has been featured on iZombie, NBC's Today Show and Dateline, and a multitude of  ESPN programs.

2017 to 2019 - Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry - Technical Director

Recorded, mixed, and produced the audio and edited footage for a non-profit events organization. D-Phi hosted the likes of Noam Chomsky, Dr. Cornel West, and Ben Nichols.

The Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry - MSU Denver
Dphi organizes roundtable discussions, art exhibits, film screenings, theatrical performances, and lectures designed to reframe our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and stimulate dialogue about human thought, history, science, art and culture.
2010 to 2016 - Paris Burns - Co-Founder, Production Artist, and Audio Engineer
Paris Burns music download - Beatport
Paris Burns is a force to be reckoned with... T he brotherly duo, Dan & Alex, continually pushes boundaries with their aggressive bass sounds, hard...
2012 - Hollywood Cowboy - Production Artist
[A New Way to Make Music] Hollywood Cowboy Wants Everyone to Contribute
Usually, it is our job to do the write up on artist’s music. But sometimes we get an email that describes what they are doing ... Continue reading »
2010 - Majic Flower Evening - Audio Engineer

Production and mixing engineer on the Majic Flower EP.

Majic Flower EP, by Jordan Lempe
5 track album
2010 to Present - Alex FM - Production Artist